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Tracvirus E-Cert provides unified digital health pass and liberalised International social distancing protocols by connecting the government Agencies & Authorities, as well as Service Providers under Open Platform connectivity to promote non-monopolistic end-to-end solution for better social welfare worldwide.

The Open Platform architecture is designed under International banking security standards to protect user privacies, data securities and medical data protections, hosted under country-centric decentralised International clouds, all within stakeholders own control without third party tempering.

SafeTravelPass provides one-stop International entry registration, health and vaccine record verification, quarantine and health services management, booking and payment platform to government looking for scientifically proven successful end-to-end solution, ideal for public-private partnership service management.

Key issues that could be addressed with the implementation and enforcement of SafeTravelPass includes:

Health screening, immunity passports, health certificates. Every country has their own national Covid-19 health and vaccine certificates and digital Apps. Tracvirus as the neutral party provides intermediately unification service to verify and connect the certificate to the world, under multi-lingual International platform. The health passes currently accepted by Tracvirus includes Covid-19 Antibody, Antigen, PCR, and FDA approved Vaccine records.

Reduced contact and queue time. The amount of time spent at the airport will be critical to reducing the possibility of infections and pandemics in the future. Proximity sensing, contactless, frictionless, agent-free, non-human intervention systems for the reduction in human interaction touch points, implementation of social distancing norms and automated check-in and boarding are critical. Government may enforce and ensure transport stations (airports, land, seaports) to comply with autonomous, hands-free passenger and cargo processing throughout the journey and all operations. Off-Transport Stations support, check-in processes from places such as quarantine stations, hotels, etc. would decentralize the Transport Stations check-in process and help reduce the anxiety of passengers. It is essential to support interactions and conversations via Internet and mobile apps. Transport Station mobile applications can be further enhanced to provide wait-time tracking, notify boarding calls and zones, queuing, etc. to optimize queues and ensure a safe distance between groups/passengers around check-ins, boarding gates, bathrooms, shops, security, health check, quarantine station and transport arrangement, etc.

Expand capacity self-service options by focusing on enabling passenger self-service via Internet, mobile, social media, kiosk, email, short messages, and smartphone apps, as well as response desk for the minorities and assistance dependants.

SafeTravelPass is current open to these local government and partners : Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Arab Saudi, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Philippines. Government authorised Developers, Resellers, Licensees registrations are complimentary subject to approval.

Panel Service Providers (Quarantine Stations, Medical Service Providers), Panel Recruitment Partners, Transport Partners (Air, Land, Sea), and Travel Agents, please contact your local government or authorised representatives to register for your services.

Total Solution for the Government

TracGOV solution is provided to the government for the unification of travellers entry registration and government agencies digitisation under “one system, one command, one digital nation” ideology platform. The solution is provided, owned and operated by government to comply with national security and protocols, and is inter-connected to Tracvirus and SafeTravelPass International platform, licensed under Software as a service (SAAS) arrangement. The solution minimise the risk and implementation cost during Covid-19 pandemic and post-pandemic requirements.

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