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I hereby declare, agree and warrant that:-

a. All written information provided by me/us in this registration and application page, or any formal questionnaire or other confirmation signed by me/us in conjunction with this application, and statements and answers are so made to NMED Life Science Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) and are full, complete, true and correct, and shall form the basis of the contract of insurance. I/we understand and agree that the Company, believing them to be such, will rely and act on them. If the information given is not full, true and/or complete, any policy issued maybe void at the Company’s option.

b. I hereby irrevocably authorise The Company, Tri-G Technologies Sdn Bhd and/or its/their affiliates to fully release any personal information collected or held by them to the Company for the purpose of this insurance and/or for the matters stated in item (c) below.

c. Any personal information collected or held by the Company (whether contained in this application or otherwise obtained)  may be held, used and disclosed by the Company to individuals, service providers and organisations associated with the Company or any other selected third parties (within or outside of Thailand, including insurance, reinsurance and claims investigation companies and industry associations) for the purpose of processing this application and providing subsequent service for this and other financial products and services, direct marketing and data matching, and to communicate with me/us for such purposes. I//We understand that I/We have the right to obtain access to and to request correction of any personal information held by the Company concerning me/us. Such request can be made to any of the Company’s Customer Service Centre.

d. Furthermore, I hereby irrevocably authorise any organization, institution or individual that has any records or knowledge of me/my insured family member(s) the Proposed Assured’s health and medical history and any treatment or advice to disclose such information to the Company.  This information shall bind me/my insured family member(s)/ the Proposed Assured, successors and assigns, and remain valid, notwithstanding my/my insured family member(s) /the proposed Assured’s death or incapacity. A copy of this authorisation shall be as valid as the original.

e. Coverage applies only within the country of arrival.

f. I understand and agree that this is part of The Company General Terms and Conditions of its services.

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