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Safe Malaysia COVID-19 Travel Insurance

  • To learn more about Malaysia COVID-19 Travel Insurance official requirements, Click Here.
  • Travel safely with Safe Malaysia COVID-19 Travel Insurance, an inbound travel insurance facilitation service for tourists visiting Malaysia, the house insurance bundled when you apply for your SafeTravelPass (STP).

    Suitable for ANY airlines from ANY country.

    From 1st April 2022, all foreign nationals travelling to Malaysia are REQUIRED to have COVID-19 Coverage Insurance.
  • Who Can Buy Safe Malaysia COVID-19 Travel Insurance?

a) For non-Malaysians who plan to travel into Malaysia.
b) Minimum requirement for COVID-19 travel insurance plan is USD20,000 (equivalent to RM85,000).
c) This insurance is NOT applicable for Malaysian, Permanent Resident of Malaysia, work permit holder in Malaysia.
d) Foreign visitors from the following categories are NOT mandatory to have travel insurance with COVID-19 based on the entry requirement from the Government:

Long-Term Social Pass/ Expatriates Pass/ Student Pass/ Study Pass/ Resident Pass/ Foreign Spouses of Malaysian citizens/ Children of Malaysian citizens/ Foreign workers including foreign helpers/ MM2H

Latest Malaysia COVID-19 Travel Insurance requirements, Click Here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: However, if you belong to any of the above, you’re still required to fulfil the requirements set by the immigration for your respective holding pass (including but not limited to: health insurance)

  • Product Highlight

> Covers Hospitalisation & Benefits related to COVID-19
> Immediate Approval & Instant Digital Insurance Certificate & Policy Provided through your email
> Satisfies Immigration Requirements
> Above USD20,000 (equivalent to RM85,000) government required coverage for COVID-19 Medical Expenses​
> Open to travellers aged “30 days” old until 70 years old
> Fast & Easy Purchase, bundled with SafeTravelPass (STP)

  • Benefits at a glance

Click Here for latest Safe Malaysia COVID-19 Travel Insurance benefits.

  • Premium Pricing

NO OF DAYS (Return Trip) 1-10 days

You can book your Safe Malaysia COVID-19 Travel Insurance when you apply for SafeTravelPass (STP), Click Here.

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