Travel to Malaysia. 

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Malaysia borders reopened on 1 April 2022. Starting from 1 May 2022, SafeTravelPass (STP) is Free and available for all travellers coming into Malaysia.

Auto-activate your entry App MySejahtera, and digitalise your vaccine record & travel documents with STP before coming to Malaysia, “All-in-1” Simple Step.

Travellers’ Guide to enter Malaysia

  • From 1 May 2022, all fully vaccinated travellers can enter Malaysia without quarantine, COVID-19 test, or COVID-19 Travel Insurance.
  • COVID-19 test upon arrival is “optional in airport / terminals”, where mandatory test can be done outside of airport / terminals within 24 hours upon arrival.
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Travellers’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Upon arrival in Malaysia, when do I need to do COVID-19 test? 
    > Fully vaccinated travellers are exempted from COVID-19 test. Partially or unvaccinated travellers are required to conduct COVID-19 test within 24 hours upon arrival. Save Time & Money, book for your COVID-19 quarantine hotel when you apply for your SafeTravelPass (STP), Click Here.
  • Do I need COVID-19 Travel Insurance when enter Malaysia?
    > Starting 1 May 2022, COVID-19 Travel Insurance is optional.
  • Can I pay at other COVID-19 test facility or buy COVID-19 travel insurance “Outside of Airport / Terminals” or “Other Websites”?
    > Yes. You can make payment to any service providers to enter Malaysia. Save Time & Money, book for your entry requirements when you apply for your SafeTravelPass (STP), Click Here.
  • Can I present my COVID-19 vaccination card or my country digital vaccine record when entering Malaysia without using any websites?
    > Yes.
  • Can I register and activate MySejahtera App automatically?
  • > Yes, you can use STP EXPRESS to auto-activate your MySejahtera and save time when arriving in Malaysia.
  • Do I need quarantine when enter Malaysia?
    > Fully vaccinated travellers are exempted from quarantine. 5 days quarantine for partially or unvaccinated travellers. Save Time & Money, book for your COVID-19 quarantine hotel when you apply for your SafeTravelPass (STP), Click Here.

Find out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) when travel to Malaysia.

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